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Using the Kano method you can assess your product's features based on customer feedback. Thereby you find features that are vital and such that are engaging and delightful to your customers. Kano+ is a tool to create, run, and analyze Kano studies online and provide you with rich results to support your product decisions.
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Online Kano surveys in 3 simple steps

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About the Kano method

The Kano model
A model to categorize and prioritize product features

The Kano method uses real customers' feedback to evaluate characteristics or features of a product. Depending on the given answers product features will be assigned one of six different categories: Must-Be, Performance, Attractive, Indifferent, Reverse, and Questionable. Using these categories, you can predict how the presence or absence of a feature will impact your customers' satisfaction. Customers' attitudes towards the features are assessed in an implicit way. Testers aren't directly asked which category they'd assign a feature. Instead the following question format is used.

The Kano survey
What your testers will see for each feature

The Kano feature categories
Based on your testers' input

These features are the customers' fundamental requirements. Missing Must-be features decrease customer satisfaction.
The breaks of a car (you better have them)
These features are characterized by a direct relationship between improved functionality and customer satisfaction. The better they perform, the happier your customers will be.
Mileage of a car (the more the better)
Customers don't expect these features. However, when presented they cause a positive reaction bordering on delight.
A car's extra equipment
The presence of absence of these features doesn't really change customer's reaction to the product – neither in a positive, nor in a negative way.
A car's sunroof (at least for some people)
Customers are not interested in these features and are happy, when they're absent. They might also actually want the opposite feature.
Automatic location sharing
Testers provided conflicting responses to both questions (such as "Like" and "Like").

You're in good company

"With Kano+ we quickly gain insights and understand our clients better, helping us to iterate faster. "

Jens Beyer, CEO HausspracheJens Beyer, CEO Haussprache

"Especially for resource prioritization we were able to gain comprehensive data from our very special target group. Important and crucial feedback!"

Andreas Lutze, CEO FriedhofsglückAndreas Luthe, CEO Friedhofsglück

"With Kano+ we are able to better comprehend our customer needs. "

Anna Loerzer, Co-Founder NestyuAnna Loerzer, Co-Founder Nestyu

Our Pricing

For fast insights and decisions
Categorize up to 10 features using Kano
Ask up to 50 testers per study
Max. of 1 active study at a time
For deep dive analyses
€6.00 / month
Categorize up to 25 features using Kano
Ask up to 200 testers per study
Unlimited number of active studies
Export data and download results
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What is Kano+?
The Kano method is a technique to determine the expected customer satisfaction with product features. Kano+ is a tool to easily create, run, and analyze these Kano studies online, so that you do not have to bother with Excel or online survey tools. Through numerous Kano studies we adjusted the Kano+ questionnaire so that you will get the best results out of it.
Who is Kano+ for?
Kano+ is for everyone who is planning and building products and sets a high value on user satisfaction – Product Owners and managers, business analysts, product teams, UX professionals, startups, and so on. By integrating user feedback early in your product decisions you can make sure to build an engaging product and delight your customers.
What can I do with Kano+?
The Kano method can be applied for various domains: Prioritize your backlog and roadmap based on expected customer satisfaction, select feature highlights for the top of your landing page, identify differentiating features to your competitors, rapidly test new feature ideas from design sprints and design thinking workshops, and many more. Kano is fit for all stages of product development – from idea to live product.
How can I contact you?
Simply use the chat window (in the lower right) or write us an email.
Running studies
How shall I setup a study?
Describe your product and features thoroughly. What are you aiming at with your product? Where does it help users? What does a feature cause and in which situation is it relevant? Try to stay as neutral as possible to avoid any bias. You can test up to 10 features per study (because more becomes tedious for the testers and the response quality drops). If you need help in designing your study, drop us a line.
How do I get testers?
We can arrange testers (with the demographic features of your target group and custom screening questions) for your study from our various panel partners – just get in touch! Apart from that, you can share your study link via any channel you like, e.g., via social media such as Facebook or your newsletter campaign.
How many testers should I include in a study?
Our suggestion is to at least include 40 testers (per target group) to get statistically significant results. Often, when a feature is not clearly assigned to one category, multiple target groups were mixed up. Here we would create a study for each of your target groups and later compare the results.
I need help – what can I do?
We're here for you! If you need help in setting up your study, acquiring testers, analyzing the results, understanding the subtleties of the Kano method, etc. do not hesitate to contact us via chat or email!
Can I use Kano+ for free?
Yes, our Basic plan is free – just sign up and start creating Kano studies. Our pricing page shows which features are included in the free plan.
How can I pay for the Premium plan?
You can purchase the Premium plan with any major credit card. We can also issue an invoice payable by bank transfer. Plus, we offer annual billing with one month for free. Please contact us regarding annual billing or to arrange an invoice purchase.
Can I cancel my subscription after a study?
Yes, you can cancel your Premium subscription at any time. Please note that it ends immediately, so make sure to finish your studies before cancelling. After cancelling you won't be billed any further and will be in the Basic plan. So you can still access your data.

Run Kano studies online

Kano+ is a tool to create, run, and analyze Kano studies online and provide you with rich results to support your product decisions.
Create your Kano study now
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Kano+ is a tool to create, run, and analyze Kano studies online and provide you with rich results to support your product decisions.


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