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How shall I setup a study?
Describe your product and features thoroughly. What are you aiming at with your product? Where does it help users? What does a feature cause and in which situation is it relevant? Try to stay as neutral as possible to avoid any bias. You can test up to 10 features per study (because more becomes tedious for the testers and the response quality drops). If you need help in designing your study, drop us a line.
How do I get testers?
We can arrange testers (with the demographic features of your target group and custom screening questions) for your study from our various panel partners – just get in touch! Apart from that, you can share your study link via any channel you like, e.g., via social media such as Facebook or your newsletter campaign.
How many testers should I include in a study?
Our suggestion is to at least include 40 testers (per target group) to get statistically significant results. Often, when a feature is not clearly assigned to one category, multiple target groups were mixed up. Here we would create a study for each of your target groups and later compare the results.
I need help – what can I do?
We're here for you! If you need help in setting up your study, acquiring testers, analyzing the results, understanding the subtleties of the Kano method, etc. do not hesitate to contact us via chat or email!
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